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All Girls Tour to Singapore

Posted On Jan 10, 2018

It was akin to a small military operation – transport, house and feed approximately 200 rugby-playing girls for the first HK All Girls International 7s Tour to Singapore. Organisers extraordinaire, Joe Stanion (Minis) and Tim Woodward (Youth), worked side by side with club administrators to coordinate logistics and keep everyone motivated, while also emphasizing Unity and a One Tour principle.

Needless to say, the Sandy Bay RFC teams, who travelled alongside girls from Sai Kung, Football Club and Flying Kukris among others, had a fantastic and successful time. A ferocious HKU SB U14 Team 1 prevailed in a hardfought final against Sai Kung to win the U14 Cup while HKU SB U12 Team 2 claimed the Runners-Up trophy in their age group after a tough match against a New South Wales team. For the younger players, the tournament was a wonderful opportunity to gain some competitive experience and also be embarrassed by the antics of their Dads on tour (no names, please)! The U16 SB players joined forces with other HK clubs to field two teams. With their experience and skill on display, they dominated the pool games and brought home both the Cup and Runners-Up trophies. They were also part of a unique experience playing against and then alongside two teams from Jakarta, Indonesia – the Komodo Dragons. Many of the Jakarta players come from the Mama Sayang Orphanage and are relatively new to Rugby. But thanks to the fundraising efforts of Joe and Tim, their trip to Singapore was an exciting and eyeopening introduction to high-level Rugby 7s and a chance to make new friends.

Along the way, Sandy Bay parents donated over HK$25,000 to the Komodo Dragons. So, maybe we’ll see them on tour to Hong Kong one day! Special thanks to our HKU Sandy Bay organisers – Eleanor Cherry and Duncan Colling – as well as all the Team Managers and Coaches who volunteered their time getting this tour off the ground. The first HK All Girls rugby tour is a clear sign that Women’s Rugby is not just surviving but thriving in Hong Kong

Jennifer S. Deayton

Many thanks to our club Tour Sponsor ISG.

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Posted by More Chaos on 2017年12月8日



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